“The Rhino bullet stays together extremely well, and its four petals seem to cause a lot of tearing in the wound channel which increases blood loss.”

African Hunter / Vol. 12, No. 4

“The international market now has a bullet that has been developed by hunters for hunters and developed for their needs in the African Bush.”

“Rhino Bullets have been designed and constructed to stand up to anything you throw at them, and yet retain the accuracy required by a bench rest shooter.”

Safari and Outdoor

“No doubt that...380-grain expanding bullet (at moderate velocities) is far more effective .375 H&H than any good 300 grainer at 2,550 fps.”

“A 380-grain .375 H&H bullet at 2,200 fps actually outperforms a 300-grain .375 Ultra Mag in terms of momentum and KO.”

Kevin “Doctari” Robertson
“Practical Ballistics for Buffalo”
Sports Afield / August 2007

“Everything I shot with the Rhino bullet simply
fell over dead!”

Doug S.

“Rhino bullets are the only bullets I trust to keep me and my client's safe. The 380 grain soft is simply the deadliest .375 caliber bullet on the market!”

Chico Pereira P.H.
Steyn-Caracal Safaris

“These bullets...deadly!”

Jason Shattock P.H.
Marabou Safaris