The Rhino Bullet is turned out of a piece of solid copper, which is why it is the strongest construction obtainable on an expanding soft point. The thinner front jacket has a milled cavity that ensures a positive expansion, even at low speeds and in smaller calibers. The Rhino Bullet has become known for its immensely high precision, large expansion end extreme weight retention. It is not unusual to have a weight retention of 95% and above. Weight retention alone does not guarantee a good effect on an animal. Control of the expansion is needed for optimal penetration as so as to minimize meat damage. In contrast to many soft bonded bullets, a Rhino will most often go right through the animal, which will ensure that the bullet will work even in the most extreme hunting situations.


The Rhino Solid is a homogeneous copper bullet made for big game hunting when reliable, deep penetration is essential. The round nose of the bullet combined with its solid construction ensures straight deep penetration.


  • Tapered Sides give consistent expansion at close and long range at high and low velocities.
  • The lead core bonded to the copper jacket make separation impossible with no bullet breakup with very deep penetration and low meat damage.
  • The bonding process gives very high weight retention in excess of 95%.
  • The solid rear section stops expansion at the right diameter ensuring very deep penetration.
  • The method of manufacture helps keep the costs down.
  • The copper is heat treated to give optimal expansion.
  • Bullets are moly coated to protect and extend barrel life.
  • Uncoated bullets are available on special order for those who prefer conventional style bullets.


  • Bullets should be seated 1-2mm from rifle lands.
  • Use standard Sonchem reloading tables.