Safari Bullets was founded by Chris Melgard and Bill Brotton in 2008. Our goal is to provide the discerning hunter with the toughest bullets available today. Rhino's solid-shank bonded-core bullet has, and continues to prove itself over multiple years on safaris for the biggest and toughest animals on earth. After using them, it became our goal to “spread the word” and make these bullets available to hunters in the United States. With a combined 35 years of law enforcement experience, in addition to 50 years of hunting between us, we know what works!

Early on, Safari Bullets formed a very tight bond with Steyn-Caracal Safaris and one could not ask for a better proving ground than on the “Dangerous Seven” hunts they conduct. This has resulted in an even larger number of African professional hunters switching to Rhino Bullets, and counting on them to put the game down and keep it down!

Due to multiple requests, Safari Bullets will be expanding its product line to include not only dangerous game bullets, but also ammunition loaded with Rhino Bullets, pistol and tactical rifle ammo (with a focus on reliable reasonably priced “ball” or “practice” ammo) and a clothing line. Check back often to see what is coming.

Thanks to everyone for their patience and support. In this day and age we count ourselves as very lucky to have obtained importation permits for ammunition components and are confident that the effort will be worth it to everyone.